Karaoke Fire and Ice

30 05 2008

We were at Sing Sing on St. Marks and my friend Melvin went straight to business with the Killers “Somebody Told Me.” As soon as Melvin started singing, people started going nuts. Money.

After a half hour my song was up. “Pour Some Sugar on Me.” I was hyped.

Unfortunately, so was some other dude.

I started belting out the Leppard but some guy was yelling over me. I like it when people are into it, but some random dude stole the other mic! That aint cool. It’s a total breach of Karaoke Guy Code!

So I stopped singing and let him finish it. He couldn’t. What a douche!

I waited a good half hour until “Rebel Yell” hit the board. I get nostalgic on this one because my friend met his wife to this song. But as I reached to grab the mike, it headed to the opposite side of the bar. Once again, I was robbed!

I wasn’t feeling the love so we left for 2nd on 2nd. And lo and behold, another dude sang Rebel Yell! What are the odds of that? My little brother got the biggest kick out of it and proceeded to bust my balls.

I hit the bar and drowned my sorrows with a few car bombs and took my karaoke angst out to Nirvana’s “Lithium“. A screamer. I then got ambitious and attempted Iron Maiden’s “Run to the Hills.” I butchered it. Bruce Dickinson is the man!

It was then San Loco Time for some sloppy eats. I was greeted by a rude women covered by tatoos who gave me hell while trying to order a fricking burrito. Man, it just wasn’t my night! So I asked for my money back and stumbled home.

Some nights I am on Fire, and other nights I am as Cold as Ice.