Arnel Pineda, Living the Dream

29 05 2008

This afternoon I was about to work out and on the boob tube was Ellen Degeneres. Yikes. Run to the Hills! But Ellen then says the magic words, “the legendary rock band found their new lead singer on You Tube is here to perform Separate Ways, Journey!”

Rock on!

And the new lead signer is a little Filipino dude! Any veteran Karaoke Guy will admit Filipinos are genetically programmed karaoke machines. Heck, they staff most of the cover bands and singers throughout all of Asia.

Separate Ways aint an easy song, but little Arnel nailed it. Then again, JOURNEY did hire him. I wonder if Def Leopard is hiring?

Who needs Chris ‘Izzy’ Cole from Rock Star when you have the real deal found on the internet from the Philippines at the other side of the planet? And they are gushing with pride about Arnel’s Incredible Journey back in Pinoy Land.

Arnel, if you are ever in NYC, head to 2nd on 2nd or Sing Sing on St. Mark’s. You are living the Karaoke Guy dream. The sake is on me.

And for all you Karaoke Guys that post on You Tube, one day it will happen. Just don’t stop believing!