The Evolution of Karaoke, Part II.

27 05 2008

“Love on the Rocks”

Every year for the last decade I host a fantasy basketball draft that involves plenty of malt liquor, trash talking and sloppiness. Tradition dictates that draft survivors take it deep that night. My girlfriend suggested we go to Japas. We were all sloshed, so it seemed like a good idea!

It was a debacle. Britney Spears’ “Hit Me Baby One More Time” was carnaged in good fun. But after seeing one my friends whom I’ll call The Uncle kneel down on one knee and serenade a lady with Neil Diamond’s “Love on the Rocks,” I was hooked. It was pure genius. Who cares if I butchered Foreigner’s “Cold as Ice”?

Japas Revisited

After that fateful night at Japas, my boys wanted more. So we hit Japas again. We tried to get nice and sloppy, but one of them brought a very bossy girlfriend. A true Game Killer. Not only did she stuff the box with songs, but also decided what songs we were going to sing! It was a night of Mary J. Blige and Justin Timberlake. She then offered to share Motley Crue’s “Home Sweet Home” but her version of sharing was to scream over the other person. Like Foreigner, we were indeed as “Cold as Ice”!

The Karaoke One-7 Era

Karaoke One 7

One night after a fine dinner at the underrated Basta Pasta, my girlfriend and I gave the Karaoke bar next door, Karaoke 17, a shot.

It had 13,000 song book courtesy of Karaoke Champ with the open bar of a Japas as well as the private rooms like Village Karaoke. Even if the staff were like cold Asian robots, 17 became my karaoke den of choice for the next few years probably because I did not know any better. It turns out 17 tries to cater more to the “Phantom of the Opera” show tune crowd as opposed to the party crowd. I bet they are glad I am gone. I owe them a visit!


Karaoke Guys: Ben Karaoke

27 05 2008

Ben Karaoke

Ben is the original Karaoke Guy. That guy who seems to sing duets and ballads as well as the rock anthems. He is a 30-something yuppie who works an office job down the street from One-7.

Ben is the first Karaoke “regular” I got to know. He was so regular that he would usually show up at the bar by himself. It took me a while to figure this out, but when I called him out on it, he was actually proud of it! He whipped out his phone and started showing me photos of girls he hooked up with, most of whom he met at One-7.

After learning this, my boyz would hit the karaoke scene more frequently, sans any bossy girlfriend types.