The Evolution of a Karaoke Guy, Part I.

27 05 2008

Everyone Remembers Their First

It was at Village Karaoke on the Bowery, down in the depths of the private rooms. My girlfriend took me to a birthday party full of girls, but most of them did not dig dudes. They forced me to sing “Jump” by Van Halen. The only part I knew was the part that goes “Jump!” It was humiliating. Crickets. The only thing worse would have been a night out at Lucky Cheng’s or The Culture Club.

Sometimes the Second is Better

About a year later, my girlfriend convinced me to meet join her and her cousin at the cavernous Japas on St. Marks. Those Karaoke Divas flawlessly belted out the likes of Madonna and Pat Benetar. After plenty of Kirin and sake, I mustered up the courage to give Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics a shot. It was monotone. It was kind of lame. But I did it. And it felt good. It certainly beat having to learn the cha-cha!




One response

27 05 2008

subterranean, shitty songbook, weirdo space-age bathroom situated at the back of the cavernous bar? this post makes me feel a little nostalgic for japas. and then i remember the long wait for songs. no thanks to the asian-fetish boys who’d hit on the waitresses.

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